” The Apara Gown service was excellent. They are very friendly and professional .” – Tebogo, 2018


Our mission is to make the procurement of your graduation gear simple and cost effective. We are dedicated to making your graduation day memorable.


Our vision is to become South Africa's leading supplier of quality graduation attire as well as other related services.

Our story

Graduation means so much to so many. It’s the one goal that is shared by the students, their families and the educators who have guided them along the way. It’s the ultimate reward for many years of hard work and determination.

The story of Apara Gown began when one of the founders, Fish, the CEO graduated and decided to purchase the graduation regalia instead of hiring. Having heard that he owned the regalia, his peers would approach him to borrow the regalia, when it was time for them to also graduate. As the demand became unsustainable, Fish resolved to solving this problem by charging a hiring fee. Since he was very cheap compared to the traditional supplier, the demand continued to increase.  It is during this time that he decided to partner with the other four founders to turn this project into a full blown formal start-up. It became apparent that all co-founders shared the same vision, hence our motto “Vision is Key”,  and Apara Gown was born.

” We  Love Graduation”


What we do

At Apara Gown, we pride ourselves with first class products that we provide as a way to commemorate the achievement and preserve a graduate’s memories for a lifetime.  We have a very effective online platform which takes the power back to the students and allows them to place an order online and have the graduation regalia delivered to wherever they may  find themselves in South Africa. 

We honor and bring to life the age-old traditions and rituals associated with this unique time in a student’s life, while striving to bring about innovative strategies that will further enhance the experience of this special moment. We respect and celebrate the commitment that the schools make to the education of our students and to their preparation for the future. For your convenience, we have extended our service offering to include (1) beauty services such as hair styling, make-up etc., (2) hiring of Suits or Dresses and (3) Photography.